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04.10.13 - Anne Street Caloundra had a couple of waves this morning, finally.

IMG_0654 (Copy)

05.08.13 - Kirra perfection with Mitch Parkinson and crew getting some fantastic tubes

Mitch Parkinson stand up Kirra Tube.

Go to portfolio to see Kirra Tubes.

03.07.13 - 4pm Saturday 22-6-13, Durandah, Tweed Heads, excellent surfing session.

IMG_1143 (Copy)

Late Saturday Avo  surfing at Duranbah, Go to portfolio and let me know if you know

anybody in the Shots,

Cheers G.O.D.

01.07.13 - exceptional waves and surfing and whales , dolphins, sea birds, what a beautiful day,Broken Head, NSW Monday 24-6-13.

IMG_8803 (Copy)

Go to Portfolio and enjoy a day at the beach, at Broken Head. Northern NSW.

01.07.13 - 13 years old Reef Heazlewood, Kyuss King, Dexter Muskens Shredding Duranbah check out how good these Groms are..

IMG_1188 (Copy)

Go to Portfolio to see these Grommets rip and other surfers as well , Dont forget to

press on photos to enlarge, very happy with thses shots.

01.07.13 - Holiday Surfing perfection, A Dream Time Day had by all who were at Broken Head.Tuesday 25-6-13.

IMG_9785 (Copy)

press on portfolio to view a magic day.Cheers G.O.D.

30.06.13 - 20 minutes of photos of a Humpback Whale frolicing with surfers , I was in Awe the whole time and still am. WOW

IMG_7566 (Copy)

This was the closest encounter I have ever seen with a whale and Surfers at a

beachbreak at

Broken Head, NSW, These were the luckiest blokes, me the luckiest Photographer, Go


Portfolio to see the 20 minutes of shots as the Whale froliced around the break and

cruising within 2 metres of  the group of surfers from 6.33am to 6.54am on Monday


June 2013, this made my whole week , I was so stoked to have witnessed this.

30.06.13 - Some awesome shots of perfect Duranbah tubes Sunday morning 23rd June, Great Surfing Session.

IMG_1974 (Copy)

Go to portfolio and enjoy these great shots I took of some excellent Surfing in excellent

Surf at Duranbah, Tweed Heads .

21.06.13 - A beautiful pelican and a surfing Seagull

IMG_9753 (Copy)

Press on Portfolio , to view shots.

21.06.13 - 3 Old Tigermoths cruising around Caloundra last week, they look and sound great, I did a flight and we did erobatics , unreal , your out in the open . great .

IMG_0653 (Copy)

I really enjoyed taking these of the old tigermoths, I have been upside down and loop de loop, engine stalls, really cool stuff ,hanging by a seatbelt open canopy upside down looking at Caloundra with your arms raised was one of the coolest things that I have ever done, well worth trying for an adrenaline rush, In one of the photo’s the pilot has his arm hanging out , now thats very cool and there are 2 people in front, hope you enjoy the moment as much as I did.

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